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How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally and Permanently


Every woman wants to achieve a glowing, soft, smooth and flawless skin naturally. We try so many beauty products, home remedies, bizarre techniques and what not to get that perfect glow on skin. But inspite of all these efforts, results seem temporary and less natural. But we forget the fact that real and natural beauty comes from within. No product or a home remedy can give you a permanent and natural glow. But there are a few very basic and simple things which if we incorporate in our daily life not only improve the quality of life but also give us a flawless and natural glow which comes naturally from inside. I have personally experimented with all these things and found that they work like magic for my skin. These are very easy to follow simple changes in our daily life which can give a million dollar glow which not even the most expensive products can give. So try to incorporate these simple changes in your life to reveal the natural brightest glow on your skin and maintain it forever.

1.) Peaceful Mind:


A peaceful and stress-free mind is one of the most important factor that contributes to a healthy and glowing skin. The extreme emotions like anger, jealousy, fear and stress can leave your skin looking dull and tired. In long term, these factors adversely affect your skin leading to permanent skin problems like acne, pigmentation and wrinkles. Maintaining a peaceful mind not only gives you a better life and health but also makes your skin noticeably brighter and smoother with less lines. Also a non- peaceful mind affects your daily activities and your overall lifestyle. Everytime you do something, Ask yourself "Is it giving me peace or making me more restless" and you will know what's good for you and what's not. To make your mind more peaceful, do 15 minute meditation every single day. Regular practice of meditation helps to achieve a peaceful mind with ease.

2.)  Yoga and Exercise:


Regular yoga or any form of physical exercise practice can work wonders for skin and bring out the natural glow from within. Yoga helps to balance your energy and hormones in the body which makes your overall system healthy and brings the real glow on the skin. Different yoga poses have different benefits for body and performing just a few of these poses regularly can balance your entire system within a  month. If you don't want to perform yoga or other complicated exercise, then you can do any kind of physical exercise that you feel comfortable. It can be dancing, swimming, jogging, any sport or just a simple 30 minutes brisk walk. But you need to be regular to see results. Exercise helps to flush out toxins from body which are the biggest cause of skin dullness and all kind of other skin problems. So try to make a 30 minute regular exercise regime that you find easy and fun to do and stick to it to maintain a permanent natural glow on your skin.

3.) Healthy Diet


Our diet is foundation of our body. Our body becomes what we eat on everyday basis. And our skin is also a part of our body. So it is made with the things we put in our body. A diet which is rich in Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds definitely makes a better foundation as it is rich in nutrients which are required for a healthy body and skin. Try to avoid food which are high in sugar and fats, as these are the worst enemies of your skin and eliminating these kind of food from diet will bring a noticeable glow on your skin. Also the food items which are highly processed and packaged are devoid of nutrients. They are dead food and create load of toxins in the body which shows up on skin as dullness and other skin problems. So to achieve a healthy, glowing and  flawless skin eat natural and healthy food which are rich in taste and nutrients.

4.) Sufficient Water Intake:


Water constitutes 65% of our skin. Drinking sufficient water throughout the day helps in keeping skin naturally hydrated and glowing. It helps in flushing out toxic substances from are body which get accumulated in the body through pollution and the food we eat. These toxins create all kind of health problems including skin problems. Good water intake helps to remove these toxins on regular basis so that body remains clean and healthy from inside which brings a natural glow to the skin. Also in Ayurveda, water is considered as a coolant which helps to remove excess heat from the body. Excess heat in the body causes skin problems like pigmentation, dark circles and dullness. Water helps to balance the heat in body and keep it cool which further helps to make skin brighter and glowing. Many times we get so involved in our work that we forget to drink sufficient water. So try make it a habit to drink water at regular intervals.. Also start your day with a  few glasses of water as drinking water in the morning is the best way to remove toxins from your body.

5.)  Proper Sleep:


A sound and deep sleep for 8 hours is mandatory not just for a healthy body and mind but also for a great skin. Our skin repairs itself while sleeping. Just sleeping is not enough, it is also very important that your sleep is sound and deep and you are completely calm while sleeping. So try to keep yourself calm specially before sleeping. Get all the thoughts out of your mind before going to sleep or try doing some meditative therapy like listening to meditative sounds. It works great to give you a sound sleep which is the best thing to give a natural  and healthy glow to skin.

6.) Spending Time in Fresh Air and Natural Environment:


No wonder Nature is the best healer. Spending some time in fresh air and natural air uplift our mood and rejuvenate the entire body. These days we have confined ourselves to closed a.c. rooms and the busy schedules make us completely forget that we belong to mother nature. Spending some time regularly in fresh air which is loaded with oxygen  charge up your cells and rejuvenate them to bring soft, smooth and glowing skin from within. It relaxes your mind and soothe the entire body to heal itself naturally. If possible try to take early morning fresh air as it is more clean and healthy. Spend some time in a park, terrace or a place where you can find fresh and clean air. Regular inhalation of fresh oxygenated air and spending time in nature will reveal a glow in you that you might have never seen before.

7.) Regular Skin Care Routine:


A regular skin care routine is a must to maintain a healthy, clean and glowing skin. Regular cleansing help to shed away dull and dark dead skin cells and bring out the new clear and glowing skin. While toner and moisturizer help to retain hydration of the skin to avoid lines and aging of skin. Regular skin care routine helps to keep excess oil or dryness away and maintaining a balanced clear skin. So it's important to use right kind of products for your skin type. If you have oily skin use a gel based cleanser which remove excess oil and doesn't  cause excess dryness at the same time. Try to avoid heavy and oil based creams and moisturizer. Instead use a gel based moisturizer for your skin. And if you have a dry skin try to look for a gentle cleanser which has moisturizing properties and doesn't make skin dry. For dry skin look for a moisturizer which hydrates skin properly and also doesn't has excess oiliness. Similarly if you have a sensitive skin, look for the gentle products which do not irritate your skin. It's important to research about a product before purchasing it so that you know whether it will work for you or not. Try experimenting with different products to find the products which work best for your skin. This way, make a fixed cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine and do it every morning and night to maintain a healthy, clear and glowing skin.

8.) Protection From Sun:


We all know that harsh sun rays are the worst enemies of skin. They cause tanning, dullness, skin cancer and early aging of skin. so it's very important to protect your skin from harsh sun rays everytime you step out of your house. Buy a good sunscreen with spf 30 or above and use it everytime before you go in to harsh sun. Also invest in a good sun hat with a wide brim and sunglasses and keep these things with you when you are going to spend long hours in sun. But it is also very important to take some sun rays to avoid the deficiency of Vitaminn D. So spend some time either early morning at the time of sun rise or in the evening before sunset. Spending 15-20 minutes in sun at this time will give you enough vitamin D and this time sun rays are not harsh, so they will also not affect your skin in adverse way.

9.)  Aloe Vera Gel:


Aloe Vera gel is one of the best natural remedy for all your skin woes. It is a natural coolant, moisturizer and sunscreen for skin. Regular massage with aloe vera gel can work wonders for your skin. It seeps deep in to the layers of skin to make it hydrated and make it plump and soft. It's regular use helps to remove tan, dullness, dark circles, acne marks and pigmentation from skin. It makes skin soft and naturally glowing. It is also perfect for sensitive skin. You can take out and use the natural gel from aloe vera plant or use any natural aloe vera gel from market whichever works well with your skin. Use aloe vera gel instead of chemical loaded creams as moisturizer and within few days, you will see amazing glow on your skin. Also it will protect your skin from sun and will help in cooling the skin after sun exposure. For better results store aloe vera gel in the fridge and use cool aloe vera on skin to make it work more effectively on skin.

10.) Green Tea:


Green tea has so many benefits for the body and a healthy and glowing skin is also one of them. Drinking green tea twice daily works wonder for your overall health. It detoxify you system, increase energy levels, reduce stress, improves digestion and boost immunity. As soon as I drink green tea, I feel instantly lighter and calmer. It is loaded with anti oxidants which are great for skin. It keeps skin problems like acne and pigmentation away by cleansing the system and regular intake helps to make skin visibly healthy and glowing.
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