Monday, 15 May 2017

Current Skin Care Favorites: Most Affordable Products


Hello Girlies!
So, Today I'm here to talk about all the skincare products that I'm loving absolutely these days. These have become my Holy Grails and the best budget buys. I'm using all these products in my current skin care routine. Also these are the most affordable products I've ever used . These products are truly a gem for the price when it comes to their quality. If you are yet to try these beauty products, you must read my views on these and don't wait anymore to try your hands on these.


1.) The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel:

If you read my blog, you would know that I'm such a big fan of Aloe Vera Gels. My blog is loaded with different aloe vera gel reviews. The Face Shop Aloe soothing gel is my current favorite one. It is so soothing and very hydrating on skin. It has light-weight and watery texture which gets absorbed in skin in no time and leave skin glowing and soft. For my combination skin, it is working perfect as a moisturizer. In this harsh summer and heat, I just keep it in the freezer 15 minutes before using it on my skin and I love the way my skin feels after using it. It contains 99% natural aloe vera gel and rest 1% is a long list of ingredients. But it suits my sensitive skin perfectly and I have never faced any kind of skin irritations with this. Also it is very budget friendly as you get huge quantity for the price. I just love this gel for its quality and price. This is one of the best Aloe Vera gels I have tried so far and I'm on my 3rd tub. I'll keep repurchasing it unless I find something better than this.

Price: Rs. 399 for 300 ml.

2.) Banjara's Premium Rose Water:

I recently bought the small version of this rose water from Nykaa just to trty it out because I have read good reviews about this one, and I'm so happy that I did buy it. This is the most ahmazing rose water at the most affordable price. It cools and soothes my skin like anything. Also it smells so good like fresh roses.  Although full ingredient list is not mention on the packaging but It suits my super sensitive skin perfectly. So I  can assure you that it doesn't contain any harsh or skin irritating chemicals.I'm definitely going to buy the biggest packaging of this one as it has become a staple in my skincare routine.

Price: Rs. 40 for 120 ml, Rs 120 for 1 lt.

3.) Vaadi Herbals Lip Balms:

I just started using these one of the most affordable herbals lip balms in India and I can't rave enough about these. Vaadi Lip Balms are the best lip balm I've tried so far. I'm just wondering why didn't I tried these earlier. These are super moisturizing lip balms with such a light weight texture. These make lips super soft and plumed without feeling heavy and also keep lips moisturized for long time. These lip balms come in 5 delicious flavors including strawberry, orange, blueberry, litchi and mint. My favorites are Strawberry and Blueberry. Full reviews coming up soon on the blog.

Price: Rs. 30 for 6 gm, Rs. 40 for 10gm.

4.) Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion:

This lotion has been a staple in my skin care routine for years and I don't think I'm going to leave this ever. This is one of the best moisturizer I have found so far. It is made of 100% Natural ingredients, work perfectly on my skin and moisturize dry areas of my skin like anything, If you have dry skin problems, this is something you can't miss. Also, the price is super affordable. To know more about this amazing lotion you can checkout my full review of Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion.

Price: Rs. 199 for 120 ml.

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