Friday, 8 July 2016


Hi Everyone!
Time for a Fashion post today.
Dresses for women have come a long way since the evolution of the fashion industry. From maxi skirts to little black dresses, from ladies tops to shirts for women and from jumpsuits to dungarees, all have their own charisma when adorned gracefully on silhouettes. But there is one thing common in all the fashion ensembles which has never changed and that is ELEGANCE.

Women always look for the sense of a cultivated beauty. From the dresses for women to her makeup and accessories, the neatness is needed and is the most appreciated. Whether someone looks up to the hot celebs or the common woman strolling down the fashion streets, it is just the royal touch of the woman that attracts male and female members the most.

Social events like business meetings, casual parties, formal occasions, concerts, weddings, or be it anything, elegance in the dresses for women is definitely fetched for. No wonder if a woman is dressed up graciously, she would definitely appreciate the other lady in the alluring ensemble either on her face or on her back provided that she has got a better charm. And men? They need nothing to appreciate except for the lady herself!!!

A number of dresses for women have been seen in the fashion magazines and ramp shows which are much in vogue for their courtliness and contemporary looks, but  today I am going to show you a few pieces of maxi skirts styled with ladies tops in the most comely ways which you could definitely clothe in for the upcoming societal events.

Pleats are the newest fashion, so styling yourself for the friend’s wedding in a white pleated maxi skirt with a trendy ladies crop top would be the perfect ensemble. The outfit could be embellished with a statement necklace and bracelet in wrist along with your favorite high heels and studded clutch for the added glamor.

Dressing up for a beach party in maxi skirts and ladies top is the ultimate choice. A long and floaty maxi skirt which is crafted in block vibrant colors of red, blue, or yellow along with a basic ladies top would help you gain a lot of popularity at the event. The breathable ensemble can be perfectly teamed up with a beach hat and flip flops for the boho chic look.

The color of this maxi skirt speaks for itself! The shade is just perfect for the daytime as well as nighttime events as you have got the liberty to dress it up with black or white ladies top as you desire. Steal the show while you walk around, and get used to the praises!!! Adorn it for the birthday and anniversary functions with black top while in white for the casual fun day out.

These style of maxi skirts have got the real exquisiteness which a woman desires for. Hot celebrities drape such beautiful pieces of maxi skirts on red carpets and promotional events. A high waisted maxi skirt designed in a neutral shade with a bow around the waist needs nothing but a comely ladies top which could cultivate the feminine looks in the best possible manner. Dazzle the floor in your high heels and studded clutch. Drape in for the singing concert which your partner has bought tickets for!

Finally, the maxi skirt in red… no particular event can be matched to it, while none of them can be left out too. From summers to falls, this style of dresses for women is unbeatable and always scores the maximum votes!!! Let the hot evening barbecue party be set on fire in the hot red maxi skirt and black ladies top in high heels.

Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures shown above. 
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