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Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel Review, Price and Details

Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel Review
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Here I'm with one more Just Herbs' Product review. Yesterday I reviewed Just Herbs Fairever Milky White Protein Fairness Face Pack which I absolutely love and today I'm reviewing my one more favorite product from the same brand  faire' mulethi-khus skin lightening gel which is my current favorite moisturizer and a life saver product.

Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel Review

Just Herbs Claims about this Gel:

A blend of exotic natural extracts of wonder herbs, this light textured gel helps to fade away dark patches and spots. Indian herbs Fumittory and Manjishtha help detoxify the blood and boost circulation to fade freckles and skin discolorations, while liquorice and yellow zedoary help control the melanin producing mechanism triggered by inflammatory response of the skin to exposure of sun’s UV rays. Vetiver roots promote skin regeneration and rejuvenate the sun damaged skin cells for a visibly fairer and radiant skin.

  • Safe and natural way to clear-up complexion
  • Free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, Genetically modified ingredients(GMO) and other synthetic ingredients

Ingredients:  Mulethi (Glycirrhyza glabra) 0.5%, Khus grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) 0.5%, Cucumberext. 0.5%, Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) 0.2% , Yellow zedoary 0.1%, Chiraunji ext. 0.2% , Fumitory 0.2%, Wheatgerm oil 0.1%, Jojoba oil 0.1% . Other ingredients: Aqua, Glyceryl stearate citrate/Cetearyl alcohol/Glyceryl Caprylate***, Vegetable Glycerine*, Aloevera Leaf Juice*, Dicaprylyl Carbonate***, Soy lecithin, Octyldodecanol***,Acrylates Copolymer,Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Herb-Essential oil Complex (natural preservative), Fragrance, Color (herbal).*Certified Organic *** ECOCERT approved (Natural ingredient from renewable resources)

Just Herbs+Fair'e+Mulethi-Khus+Skin+Lightening+Gel+Review
Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel Review

 Price: Rs 395 for 50 gm.

Application: Cleanse skin with cotton wool dipped in raw milk.Massage well into the skin till absorbed. For best results, apply towel steam followed by application of JH Fennel and Manjishtha rejuvenating Beauty Pack as directed. For Fairness treatment: Use simultaneously JH Af'fair Skin Lightening Cream at night.Use everyday and avoid sun exposure after use.

Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel Review

Packaging: It comes in a plastic tub with golden screw cap. I absolutely love these kind of classy and elegant packaging.The cap is sturdy and travel-friendly.

Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel Review

My Review on Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel: 

I have dry to combination skin, but my skin doesn't like heavy cream and moisturizers specially in summers. So these summers, I was looking for a gel based moisturizer which would hydrate my skin and won't leave it greasy at the same time. I spotted this gel on and thought of trying this out. It's a peach colored semi-transparent gel. As soon as I opened the tub I could smell the fragrance of fresh roses. It's a mixed rosy and citrus kind of fragrance which feels luxurious and soothing . 

The  texture of this gel is very light and hydrating. It gets absorbed very easily and completely in the skin. Unlike some other gels it doesn't feel like a layer on the skin. As soon as it gets absorbed in the skin, it feels nothing on the skin but skin feels still moisturized and hydrated.

 I love how it feels on my skin. When I massage it over my skin, It soothe and calms my sensitive skin.
Coming to its fairness claims, I would say yes, It does work. Everytime I use it, I can see my skin looks more brightened. I use it every morning and night after cleansing my face. Within, one week of usage, I could see that my tan was removed and my skin was much more even toned. It would also work on acne scars and pigmentation in long run as I can see them reducing slowly

Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel Review

Likes about Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel:

  • Brightens and even out skin tone.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Made up of natural ingredients.
  • Light weight texture and hydrates the skin.
  • Soothe and Calms the sensitive skin.
  • Absorbs very easily and completely in the skin.
  • A good moisturizer for normal to oily skin types.
  • Smells heavenly of roses.
  • Beautiful and sturdy packaging.
  • Easily available on online stores.
  • It's a value for money.

  • Dislikes about Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel:

    • May not be enough hydrating for very dry skin.
    Rating: 4.5/5

    Overall, Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel is my current HG moisturizer for summers. It hydrates my skin perfectly without feeling heavy. It helps in removing tan and even out skin tone in a natural way. But remember that it's a natural product and takes its own time. Don't expect skin whitening miracles from it.
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